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[MiNT] Re: Question

Christer Gustavsson <cg@nocrew.org> writes:

> ryan daum <opiate@saturn5.com> writes:
> > Hey, do you know if anybody has successfully built a cross compiler
> > environment for linux-x86 to mint-68k?  It should be possible with GCC,
> > but I haven't seen any documentation of it.  I'd love to contribute to
> > oaesis, but the thought of going through a an edit-compile-test cycle on
> > my falcon is painful (slow...) ... doing it on my linux box and testing in
> > STonX sounds much more pleasnt...
> Yes, Tomas Berndtsson has built one that he uses when compiling
> debian-mint packages. I think it is for linux-ppc, but the build
> procedure should be the same for linux-x86.

I never documented the procedure, but pretty much followed the
instructions about cross compilers included in the gcc source

Frank Naumann has made patches for gcc 2.95.2 to work with MiNT, and I
use MiNTLib 0.55.3 with it.

There was some talk about this on the MiNT list, and perhaps someone
there has documented a little better step by step what's needed. It
was a while ago I did it now, I don't remember if there was anything
special I needed to do.

Anyway, you need gcc, binutils, mintlib and mint patches for gcc and
binutils. You can probably find what you need through

If you get stuck somewhere, I'll try to help you, if I can.