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Re: [MiNT] Latest beta MiNT on Hades 060

on Thu 02-11-2000 15:41 Francois Le_Coat/mailaxis wrote:

>Excuse me, but, none of the binary releases of MiNT 1.15.10b
>boot on my Hades 060. I would have liked to tell you more but
>I don't know how to intercept message at boot time. Anyway,
>a question : are the MMU utilities required to use FreeMiNT
>with the latest releases on the Hades 060 ?

     freeMiNT 1.15.10b (no memory protection) 030 version runs with of 
without the MMU tools quite happely on my Hades 060. The only thing that 
fails, but it's AFAIK no Hades specific as it fails on my TT030 too, is 
the flop_raw.xdd coming from 1.15.10b-modules. Both the Hades and TT stops 
booting when the system tries to load flop_raw.xdd. So far 1.15.10b (NP) 
is the best kernel I ever have used on the Hades.

    To use memory protection on the Hades you *need* the MMU tools. I 
don't know why, remember I'm a just a common user, but for some reason MP 
doesn't work very good on my system. Quite a few apps that I'm using daily 
fails to start or doesn't work stable. To name some: Phoenix 5.0 dies at 
start and Okami 2 crash very often.
I can get Phoenix 5.0 running if I deleted the .inf file or if I run it in 
monochrome mode. That's probably the reason why Phoenix runs on the TT030. 
I've had a serious problem with Gemjing on the Hades. Changing the memory 
flag to 'global' cured the problem but the same Gemjing with memory flag 
set to 'private' works good on my TT030 using 1.15.10B memory protection 


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