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[MiNT] Assembler syntax for MiNT


I would like to start coding in 68k assembler using the MiNT compiler

There is a small tool called asmtrans in the FreeMiNT distribution. It
seems, that it can translate (which???) 68k assembler to gas like syntax.
This would be good for me too. In the files they say, that it also does
some macro conversion. Is there somewhere more documentation (I have the
gas one) about this small tool and what features of gas I can use with it?
Can I use all the features of gas, but just with another syntax? Which is
the syntax asmtrans does transform? Is it compatible to turboass?

Is the file-ending .spp common for such things? I know of the .a files of
DRI GEMDOS, which are also a form which needs to be transformed by a

Another question: I would like to have a look in the beginning of the
original TOS-ROMs. Would be TT-Digger the right choice? I did not test it,
but it looks quite good.


Martin Döring