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[MiNT] XaAES v0.913


Many important fixes in XaAES v0.913!

1  Fix in appl_init/exit. Areas in local name space moved to client list.
      Fixes freezes and bus errors.
2  Fix in signal handler. See history. Concerns app's exiting without issuing
3  Group box title has correct background colour again.
4  Submenus work again.
5  Fix in iconified windows. If a app sets or changes attribites, displaying is
      inhibited. Fixes bus error.
6  Preparations to be able to submit more than 15 window attributes.
7  Use of nkcc (normalized keucodes) generalized. (for the below :-)
8  File selector: ALT+letter changes drive.
9  Fix in evnt_multi. Fixes looping in some applications (aniplayer)
10 Menu handling: menu leave option:
     Leave only when mouse is moved out of the popup sideways.
     If left through the bottom, the popup stays put and can be reentered again.
11 objc_add: Insert object at the end of the list of children, not at the start.
   SBBACKUP works now.
   This could fix unexplained freezes or loops.

How many programs use objc_add?

Have fun!
Read the history.

Groeten; Regards.
Henk Robbers.    mailto:h.robbers@chello.nl
A free multitasking GEM for MiNT: XaAES   (heavily under construction);
Interactive disassembler:         TT-Digger;  http://digger.atari.org
Experimental text editor:         AHCX