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[MiNT] What object format


In the moment I'm playing around with some assemblers, to choose one, which
I like. Till now I did try gas and jas. There is also asl, which is also
freely available under GPL.

Now one question: It seems, that there are different object formats out in
the atari world. TTDIGGER does not recognize the gnu as one, nor the jas
(sozobon) one. I can load the objects, but it says, that I have to tell it
the offset, from where the real code begins. It does not recognize the
symbol table too.

Did I do something wrong? Which object formats are most common in the atari
world? COFF, ELF? I would like to link assembler with some bigger C
objects. For C, there is just gcc, which has no limits in code generation,
as I think. So my assembler objects should be gcc compatible?!?

Best I would like a source format, which is like GST (?!?) It uses a ";" as
a comment, but I would like to use dc.b 'text' as ascii text, not this
.ascii command.

Any suggestions or help?


Martin Döring