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Re: [MiNT] OSMD - introduction


On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 10:02:31PM +0100, Bohdan Milar wrote:
> 1. Current install-scripts problems:
> - in MINT.CNF I try to do a multiple copy of files named setup.?? (?? 
> = shortcats for different languages like de, en, cs, fr, ...) but as 
> a result in the destinational directory a file named "setup.??" 
> apears instead of the multiple copy... (I also tested "*").

If you would post the actual code you use I wouldn't have to guess... ;-)

Almost sure tho' that you are doing something like this:

	cp setup.?? dest/setup.??

Replace it with

	cp setup.?? dest

and you will be happy.

Remember that all pattern matching (?, *, ...) is done by the shell.  If
you want to get an idea what the cp command sees, simply replace "cp" with

> - I have uncompressed rpm from tar.gz on a newly crated Minix/Ext2 
> parttion and done 'rpm --initdb'. I have correctly (all the others 
> work) set links of the root directoried (/bin, ... /usr, /var) to the 
> new partition. I try to install bash and this appears:
> 	error creating temporary file //var/tmp/rpm-tmp.<number>
> where <number> is a real number.

Notice the double slash at the beginning.  Maybe it works if you get rid
of it.  If you have a close look at your mint.cnf you will probably be
able to find the error.

> 3. The way of installation
> At the moment I have rewritten and tested the KEMD setup script. It 
> can do more than the half of above mentioned operations. I know this 
> type of text installation is not much sexy but it is the only thing I 
> can do. There are two other proposals (both from Jay Soft):
> 	a) do a text installation using tty dialogs
> 	b) do a GEM installation using GEMSetup or something like that
> What do you think as a MiNT large public? Any other proposals?

What about c) do an installation completely based on VDI.

a) has the disadvantage that you need ncurses to do the
installation.  Unfortunately ncurses is very large and on a standard Atari
VT52 console the results do not really look good.  With b) you require

Of course c) needs a toolkit for VDI GUIs which is not written. :-(

> 4. Localizaton
> We design whole installation as open and international. There will be 
> a possibility to translate the installation script to many languages 
> and choose your favourite one at the beginning of the instalation. We 
> will be able to prepare English and Czech versions (no matter what 
> way of installation in point 1 will be chosen). We wil be glad if 
> some of you will translate the script to German, French, ...

Install the package "gettext" and try "gettext --help".  You don't need
separate scripts to internationalize your installation stuff, you only
need different message catalogs.  Once you support more than two
languages, you will not be very happy with your solution.



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