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Re: [MiNT] http://learn.to/quote Was: Memory protection on Afterb urners


On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 08:18:52AM +0200, Jo-Even.Skarstein@Vital.no wrote:
> > So what? Anything more to contribute to the problem's solution than a "Me
> > 
> The fact that I'm not the only one with this problem indicates that it's not
> my AB that's broken, but FreeMiNT's AB-compatibility.

Or AB's Atari compatibility ... ;-)

I have seen a lot of complaints about AB misbehavior with memory
management in general.  Maybe it was only too obvious to me (and not to
others) that you are not the only AB user with that problem.

> > 	http://learn.to/quote
> > 
> > Sorry for being rude but it is no fun to read mails with an 8 line
> > signature but an essence that is equivalent to "\000" in C.
> > 
> Then 'm afraid you'll hate this one as well... I'm sorry, but there's
> absolutely nothing I can do about it, except stop sending mail.

I don't mind a short posting like "I have the same problem", especially
when it is accompanied by something like "... just to prove that this is
not a special case".  What really bugged me was the fact that this
confirmation clearly showed that the sender simply hit the reply button,
hacked in a short sentence and was negligent enough to forget to utter a
short hello or to delete at least some lines of the original message but
did not forget to leave a huge signature at the end of the mail.  In
situations like these, after I have scrolled up and down to look for
something important, I tend to ask "So what?".

But you are right when you think that it is not my job to keep up
netiquette on this list and you are also right when you think that I could
have said all this in a friendlier way.

I hope you (and Rodolphe) accept my apologies.  I was really too rude,



P.S.: Yes, it is also against netiquette to reply to personal mails in a
mailing list.  But when I attack somebody in public I feel that I should
also apologize for it in public.

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