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Re: [MiNT] Wwwoffle-2.5b and gcc-3.0

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Frederic Fouche wrote:

> > I wrote a howto for this, for people interested.
> > I am now working on porting SDL-1.2.2, and I think it is
> > near completion. Let me know if it interests someone
> Patrice, it definitely interests people, just that a lib by itself is not
> really impressive, some people need to realize what this library (if it
> works) really means :) 

It's a neat library for writting low-level things (sound, graphics,
joystick&keyboard) portably. With SDL ported to Atari we can grab tons of
cool applications and port them to our platform just by typing
'./configure && make'. For the list of available SDL applications look at

News: Clocky 3.10b, PARCP 3.80!, Atari800 1.04 at http://joy.atari.org/