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[MiNT] GUI Toolkit vs Window Manager


> > > What about c) do an installation completely based on VDI.
> >
> > Which is AES, isn't it? I think it is rather "masochism" to write AES
> > stuff "only" to be able install OS.
> No, it is not AES.
> What I meant: One would need a simple GUI toolkit that is completely
> independent of the AES and therefore doesn't need an AES to be
> active.  You could use this toolkit even from the auto folder and it would
> be ideal for MiNT installation or installation of the AES itself.

Sure, I always mix the "window manager" and "GUI toolkit" terms. Yes this
might be the way... This deserve a little explanation that some Atari user
(like me ;)) omits sometime. I feel the terms known from Linux the
following way:

Window manager ... AES
GUI Toolkit    ... CFLib, MyDials, and other GUI component libs.
Desktop        ... Thing, Jinnee, etc...

Is this correct?