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Re: [MiNT] Mint Questions


> I am trying to boot up using the Minix partition. First, the boot up process halts
> at "Now booting the system" everytime I include NVDI in the boot process. If I
> take it out, the boot process continues. Anyone have an idea as to why...? Now

You start NVDI before MiNT?

> when the boot process continues and asks for the login, I am told that "/pipe/log
> not found". My login name and password do not work. I know this has to be a
> CNF problem as the old CNF file and system files allow me to login just fine.

It's not a CNF problem, the syslogd is not running that is required for
lot of unix services.

> Finally I have the kernel named Mintnp.prg. In the boot process I am told that I
> have disabled memory protection and that I should not do that. Just how do I
> keep that enabled???

Rename it to mint.prg (or any other name without np [= no protection] as
last characters).

> Hate to be a bother, but I really want to have this to work.

No problem.


e-Mail: fnaumann@freemint.de