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[MiNT] XaAES v0.932

Hello everybody

Its been a while ago, but its also a long list.

Changes in XaAES v0.932

1   A small program named XA_CHEAT.TOS
    It installs a N.Aes cookie.
    All pointers in the cookie are nil, so it can only be used for cheating the
    existence of N.aes. Some program might be persuaded to use new AES calls.
    Other programs may just crash.
    So be very carefull when using it.
    Start it from mint.cnf or, better, not at all.

2   Fixed a heavy bug in shell_write extended call using SW_PDEFDIR with MiNT
    memory protection. It caused the whole lot to crash miserably.

3   Removed any blocking of the parent for shell_write mode 1
    Now suddenly OLGA and TosWin2 started up.
    Maybe GEM-INIT will benefit as well.

4   Another bug in shell_write fixed. Some programs pass 0L to the tail parameter.

5   drag_box and rubber_box: Fixed drawing errors near the left screen border.

6   Thing 1.09 desktop drawing repaired again.

7   export/setenv now remove a existing environment variable.

8   New XaAES system menu entry: Process --> Launch Desk
    The program in the desk command of the config file is loaded(again) and run.

9   Solved the problems with the max rectangle of the wind_create() function:
    This rectangle is not used by the AES at all. It is only passed to the call
    wind_get(... WF_FULLXYWH...). This is how TosWin2 uses it.

10  Fixed a bug in taskmanager which caused a crash when clicking the trash icon and
    no program was selected.

11  Fixed a bug in colour icon display. Dont display a selected icon bitmap if there
    isnt one :-)

12  Fixed drawing of colour icon masks in true or higher colours.

13  Saved quite some memory by not expanding icon bitmaps which will never be 
    displayed given the current number of planes.

14  Fixed a small bug in the keyboard queue.

15  Fixed a bus error when shutting down. (There are more in memory protection
    mode. The signal handling of UNIX is a pain in the ass :-(

16  Double click in iconified windows work area sends UNICONIFY.
    (Not anymore only clicking the widget)

17  Implemented AES function 135 form_popup

18  Hide/unhide: WM_MOVED is sent to the owner of the windows. This makes it the
    responsibility of the app to react. It can also keep track of the happenings.
    (all in the spirit of GEM)

19  Thing crashed when hiding in 1280/1024 resolution.
    Changing the direction of the hide from vertical to horizontal cured it. ;-)

20  Implemented scrolling of ALL popups
    Please read the history file for the exciting story of this feat. ;-)

    I introduced a cnf switch that makes a demonstration of the power of the
    concept possible.

    insert somewhere in xaaes.cnf:
    popscroll 6
    and see what happens :-)

21  Last day change: Live moving and sizing of windows.
    It might not be completely correct yet, so it is default switched off.
    cnf: windows live

22  Non locking menus: Part of the popup scrolling enterprise.
    Not completely correct yet, so it is by default switched off.
    cnf: menu nolocking
    It is worth trying it, but see this as a demonstration only.
    (Unless you are happy with the fact that it is at least possible.
     Aniplayer users.)

23  Configuration:
    It is now possible to group certain options to one or more programs.
    options default

    options <list-of-programs>

    See xaaesdbg.cnf for descriptions and examples

    new window options:
        thinframe       colour only: 1 pixel outside frame
        thinwork           "     "   1 pixel work area frame
        noleft          Dont move windows out the left side of the screen

24  Important changes in the configuration file:
    parentheses are no longer string delimiters
    only quote and apostrophe are.

    string is no longer a environment variable.
    it is only a jobspace variable now, same for int

    Please replace ALL string keywords by export (or setenv)

    Catenation of variables, numbers, quoted strings and literal strings by
    the plus sign.

    Any character is allowed in literal (not delimited) strings except the
    space and the comma.

    variables or any combination with strings can be used in appropriate commands
    See xaaesdbg.cnf for exhaustive example of usage.

	The amount of changes has been huge. But they were all very important.
        Please be patient with me if I made some new mistakes.
        Just tell me and they will be fixed.

    Have fun!

Groeten; Regards.
Henk Robbers.    mailto:h.robbers@chello.nl
A free multitasking GEM for MiNT: XaAES   (heavily under construction);
Interactive disassembler:         TT-Digger;  http://digger.atari.org
Experimental text editor:         AHCX