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Re: [MiNT] MiNTnet CAB.OVL 1.86

on Wed 21-11-2001 20:52 Howard Chu wrote:

>Howdy all. Just wanted to let you know I've got an updated overlay for CAB.
>(The last one I released was 1.8404 in February 1998! My last private build
>was in August 1999. It's been a while...)
>The init code has been rewritten to be compatible with the current (0.57.1)
>MiNTlib. Also I've added a config keyword to allow automatic following of
>redirected POSTs. (This is a violation of the HTTP/1.1 spec, but most other
>browsers do this too.) The connection caching is a little more effective
>now, and also I've integrated libz to allow compressed HTML transfers. This
>is a huge speedup, especially for slow network links.

This ovl seems not to work on my system. There is no communication 
between the ovl and the (cable)modem. The older version does work.

My system: Hades 060, freeMiNT 1.15.12, N_AES 2.0.0., MiNT-net, Cab 2.80

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