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[MiNT] "Physical" Address

Good morning,
My name is Johanna Pending and I´m working for Ericsson in Stockholm.
I have tried to find Your "physical" address to the headquater, but I´m sorry
to say it´s too difficult. I need the address in order to update our database
for our suppliers. 
I´m not sure if I sent the mail to the right address. If it´s wrong, I would be
pleased if You could give me the right one. Thank You in advance.
Johanna Pending
Component Technology
Corporate Applied Technologies

Ericsson Radio Systems AB
SE-164 80  Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address:
Gullfossgatan 6, Kista
Tel. +46 8 757 06 81
Fax. +46 8 750 49 30
E-mail: johanna.pending@era.ericsson.se