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[MiNT] TCP settings

It seems to me that the default MSS and Window sizes that our TCP driver
uses are too small. I see MSS set to 536 all the time, and the window size
is only 8K bytes. My Windows box always uses the MTU to set MSS, the MiNT
driver only uses the MTU for directly attached destinations. This seems
overly cautious for our driver...

I have a real problem with this, trying to connect to
http://www.frontier-systems.de from my TT. For some reason, the remote web
server drops the connection window size all the way down to zero. Because of
this, I can never get a complete HTTP command out to the server. If you guys
can read tcpdump raw packet files I can send you a trace showing the TCP
conversation both from my TT and from my PC.

I would like to see the Window size raised to 64K. That would definitely
improve throughput, especially to more distant servers.

  -- Howard Chu
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