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[MiNT] Error report

I had following error:

pid 1 (AESSYS) bio_unit_remove_cache on 0x400F3C invalid S?_MAGIC!

I had it three time, this error alway shows at boot time. I had this 
with few diffrent pids so I do not think it is AES thing.

I'm using cutting edge 1.16a kernel (I hecke CVS every day and update 
my kernel if there is possiblity :). My last update was new inet4.xdd.

If it matters AES was N.AES 2.0

Hardware: Falcon030, FPU (68882), 14MB RAM

I recently bought a 20GB MAXTOR harddrive, used it for few weeks but 
I saw that error firs time yesterday.

I checked all my partitions with fsck, they do not have nay important 

Adam Klobukowski