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[MiNT] Toswin2, X11, CT2b

As my Free/easy/Spare/MiNTsystem is groing both the enjoyment and the 
number of questions are growing rapidly.

The new version of easymint failed in installing the X11 package. Now I
have installed the rpm packages from easymint's X11 package manually, and
while experimenting, reading, and configuring stuff I have some questions
and/or remarks. One of the strange things is that TOSWIN2 and X.app behave
differently on my CT2b Falcon with or without the CT2b turbomode switched

With CT2b turbomode switched off: I try to start X.app from my bash shell
in the TOSWIN2 window. I see the X logo appear across the screen and a
number of messages. After that a little window appears called "xconsole".
In the toswin2 window I can't enter a command to start an X client. I
decide to open a second shell window. From there, after I have manually
added /usr/X11R6/bin to the PATH, I enter "xclock". Another big white
console window opens, before - yes! - a clock appears giving the right
time. The xconsole window seems to stay unused all the time. Five open
windows, just to open a little clock application ... I must be doing
something wrong, right ??

With CT2b turbomode switched on: I notice in my TosWin2 menu that the
items "Open Console" and "Config console ..." are suddenly disabled. ???
Again I start X.app from the bash prompt. X11R6 logo and messages appear
again, but this time no xconsole. Also I think the messages are different
from the ones I saw when I tried it with CT2b turbo off. Again I start a
second shell, same story as above.  I also tried without a second shell,
starting xclock from the GEM desktop by clicking on it. Also possible.

I havn't tried all available X-clients, but it seems to be working more or 
less. One that I'll probably use a lot the next few weeks/months/years 
is "xman". I have a lot of manpages to read ;-) Which brings me to my next 
question. In /etc/man.config all the directories for manpages can be 
found, so that the "man" command can find them. When I tried xman it only 
showed the manpages from /usr/man/. I then set the variable MANPATH to 
include other locations too, manually in bash. After that I could find and 
read manpages from /usr/share/man and /usr/X11R6/man also. Is there a 
"standard" place where I can set the MANPATH for xman in a file, like the 
one for the "normal" man command ?

For using xman to read manpages I must switch the CT2b on. Not just for 
speed, but mainly because this gives me access to the added 32MB TT-ram.
Without that the manpages simply won't load on my Falcon. 

Let me know YOUR experiences with the mint XServer and it's clients .

Martin Tarenskeen