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[MiNT] Thing sources again

WHile thinking about Thing (and its sources) I found one question:

Will final (or last) version of Thing be shareware?

I dont think that people are willing to pay for a program thet will 
never be developed again.

Now about sources: Thomas Binder said two main arrguments agginst 
relasing it:
1. Messy code
2. Some things only as .o

My thoughts are: 

1. Messy code? So what? There are some skilled programmers around, so 
getting it cleaned is possible
2. Binary files? So what? I think that it can be easly found what 
functionality do they provide and rewrite those functions.

In my opinion relasing Thing sources (or sources of any other 
program) than do only good.

Compare it to highwire: It is developed very fast by a group of 
addicted programer, there may embrace similar group for developing 
Thing. Keep in mind thet desktop is much more important then html 

Adam Klobukowski