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Re: [MiNT] Thing sources again

on 6/22/02 7:32 PM, Adam Klobukowski at atari@gabo.pl wrote:

> I also respect his wishes, but I belive that we ma try to change his
> mind?

I don't think anyone is going to change his mind.  It's been brought up a
few times in the past.  I'm quite sure Thomas has been around long enough to
know the pros/cons of open source.  If it was going to happen it would have
already or it could happen down the road.  Only he knows and he's re-stated
his position more than once.  I don't think he needs constant reminder of
the same reasons.  ;-)  That's just my opinion.

The assumption is it will end up a dead project with no source.  There is
one other alternative.  It's quite possible that he could seek out another
author to continue development.  Sure, it might remain a closed source, but
that would be better than nothing.

PS.  Sorry Adam for the duplicate mail again!!  Me an OutLook Express are
not getting alone.  ;-(

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