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Re: [MiNT] Is it quiet or is my email broken? :) (fwd)

> The problem is that on the end that is receiving the spam, the only thing I
> see is the IP address where it originates - it does not matter if that is a
> single open relay or a multihop relay, I get the spam anyway.

Yes, and with only 0.001% of all open relays covered by these little
blacklist attempts, nothing's gonna change. Btw, of all the spam I get,
there's maybe one every 2 months that looks as if has been sent to me
directly by the originator, ie which _could_ have been a multihop relay.
All the other ones are the obvious open relays.

I receive about 10 spams a day relayed by the webservers of unsuspecting
Taiwanese companies, DNS servers of Macedonian domains, you name it. Sure,
you can blacklist each and every one of them but they're all only used
once, so it's not getting you anywhere.

> The test will test only the one IP address that was an open relay last time.

The IP address was dynamic. Tough luck :)

> What alternative do you propose?

Alternative? Forget this silly idea (the multihop list that is). The
influence it has on spam is close to zero. It's like trying to wrap every
drop of water in the ocean to prevent getting wet.

> It is the only possibility to make the ISP
> *do* something about these clueless customers - otherwise, why would they
> care?

Well it doesn't help apparantly - none of the major Dutch providers
firewalls ports to their customers. And if one does, or charges extra for
a "premium" account allowing servers, most clients (including me) will
run to another provider.

You think Casema is going to care that all postings to the MiNT list from
their customers will have to be moderated? Heh :)

> However, I would guess that most multihop relays at customers are not on
> dynamic addresses, since these tend to be gone by the time the relay checker
> comes along.

Wrong again, apparantly :)


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