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[MiNT] less problem solved

Hello all,

finally I found out what was causing trouble with less on my and
Martin Tarenskeen's system. With installed LESSOPEN mechanism,
less was not able to display normal files (those not covered by
a case in /usr/bin/lesspipe.sh) anymore.

Both of us had "setenv SHELL=u:\bin\bash" in mint.cnf. After changing
that to "u:\bin\sh", everything worked again as expected.

I set $SHELL because I sometimes run MiNT setups that don't go
through init resp. login, which otherwise sets this variable.

Can anybody explain if this is a bug in recent bash packages or if
the bahaviour is correct? Isn't bash fully sh-compatible? With older
bash (pre 2.05) I never had this problem.

And, does it make sense at all to set $SHELL to /bin/bash by default?


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