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Re: [MiNT] [MiNT][IMPORTANT] Windows users, check your systems !

Maurits van de Kamp <maurits@bassment.nu> writes:

> On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Patrice Mandin wrote:
>> I am tired of having the mailing list polluted by virus messages.
>> Please:
>> - scan your system with a recent antivirus.
>> - don't use outlook to read/post in the list.
>>   There are other free mail client available.
> The virus in question is Bugbear. It's frontpage news on
> www.symantec.com. The annoying thing about this worm is that it kills
> antivirus programs. A removal tool can be found on www.symantec.com.

According to the dozen or so bounces from anti-virus mail gateways, it's
one of the later variants of Klez, not Bugbear, but that's
irrelevant, what matters is that it's a virus and it's being sent to a
mailinglist which is not about virii.

Adam: If gabo.pl can't get rid of a single virus on their systems (or
several, how would I know how many they actually have), I'd suggest you
get a new mail provider.