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Re: [MiNT] Dialogs in windows

> For the life of me I keep forgetting to edit the darn reply to.
> I'm on several mailing lists and this is the only one that requires
> fussing around with the reply address.

The same here.

By the way, your program for editing the mint.cnf file has a bug: it assumes
that all the settings are in the mint.cnf file. However, they can also be
spread in other files, which are included to the mint.cnf by the 'include'
directive. So on my system the program warns me about non-defined something,
while this thing is perfectly defined, just not in the mint.cnf itself.


Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz

** Ea natura multitudinis est,
** aut seruit humiliter, aut superbe dominatur (Liv. XXIV,25)
** Taka to juz natura pospólstwa, albo sluzalczo sie plaszczy,
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