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[MiNT] Problem with frename()

Hi all,

I have a strange problem with renaming a folder under MiNT.
Following situation, I have started the unzip.ttp with Pexec(0) from my
program, when I try to rename the depacked folder, I always get an error
-33 from frename(). So it seems the folder isnŽt there after unzip has
finished. So I have tried the following, (I use some kind of pseudo
Basic, because IŽm a GfA coder, hope you understand what I mean.:))



 if exist(folder_old)
   frename(folder_old, folder_new)
   goto jump

When I try this it takes several seconds and then the folder will be
renamed. So, it looks like the folder isnŽt there directly after unzip
has finished, what could be the problem there?
When I start the program under plain TOS it works fine, without the
All these actions took place on normal TOS partition with NEWFATFS

Any ideas?



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