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Re: [MiNT] Runtime AES application name change?

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Frank Naumann wrote:

> Hello!
> > Is there any way how to do that? And if not could ve propose some AES
> > extension to let it be capable to do that? Would it be a nonharming
> > extension?
> Do you mean changing the application entry in desktop menu?

No, I mean changing the application ID (char[8]) used to search for the 
AES application ID by appl_find() call. The menu entry doesn't matter 
here, but also would be a nice feature to let scripts change it too. ;)

E.g. When you are searching for the AES PID of the AV Server you do 
something like (optimistic example - no error handling):

export AVSERVER="THING   "

avID = appl_find( getenv( "AVSERVER" ) );
msg[0] = AV_INIT;
msg[1] = appId;
msg[2] = 0;
appl_write( avID, msg, 16 );