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[MiNT] PCTOS.LIB 0.5.0 and PCGEM.LIB 0.9.0 for PureC

Hallo Standa,

SO>Do you use the gemlib CVS for this?

Not yet.

SO>If yes then it is yet another great news after Arnaud BERCEGEAY's
SO>mgemlib merge.

Arnaud and myself compared the two libraries GEMLIB and my PCGEM.LIB and
corrected the bugs we found. Now new bindings are in the GEMLIB and other
are new in PCGEM.LIB. GEMLIB and PCGEM.LIB have now the maximum of constant
and structure definitons of both libraries.

SO>What do you mean with the "but with PureC 100% compatible interface"
SO>??? Could you describe it in more detail?

No problem: ACSpro is developed with PureC.  When I get the source and the
support of ACSpro from Oliver Michalak, ACS used the original PureC
bindings PCTOSLIB.LIB and PCGEMLIB.LIB. The bindings for the newer
functions like Dopendir, appl_getinfo etc. were linked in ACS as separate
bindings - and only the funcions which are used. After some time I decided
to write a completly new bindings. The bindings should be as compatible as
possible to PureC - I don't want to change lot of source lines with lots of
function calls. So the PCTOS.LIB and the PCGEM.LIB are written, named
analogue the PureC original libraries.

Since it is nonsense to have two libraries, I looked at the GEMLIB. The
functions in the original PureC library PCGEMLIB.LIB and in the PCGEM.LIB
have sometimes another prototype than the functions in the GEMLIB, i.e. has
evnt_timer in GEMLIB the prototype

	void evnt_timer( long time );

in the PureC original library it is

	int evnt_timer( int ev_tlocount, int ev_thicount );

In the actual version, the PCGEM.LIB and the GEMLIB are two separated libs.
But the PCGEM.LIB has a multithreaded binding, that should be nearly the
same as in the GEMLIB. The two compatibility functions (with global
variable for the global-array) are different. The goal is to integrate the
PCGEM.LIB into the GEMLIB, so the GEMLIB has a PureC-compatible "interface"
- all source which is written witht he PureC original bindings should
compile with this GEMLIB-PureC-Version. And the release 0.9.0 of the
PCGEM.LIB is a step to this goal.


     Martin    [PGP-Key available]
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