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Re: [MiNT] Multi-threading on MiNT OS ?

> I would want to establish severals threads in a code through
> "shel_write(SHW_THR_CREATE, ...)" function from MagiC.
> This function does it work with MiNT ?

This is a specifically Magic-AES function, so the answer is no.

> If not, can you suggest me another method for manage threads ?

AFAIK the Magic-AES implements the mintlib function tfork() and sells it as
shel_write(SHW_THR_CREATE). So strictly speaking it is not a thread, but
rather a separate process. In MiNT it would not share file handles with the
parent, eventhough it will share most of the user memory.

The tfork() is a combination of Pexec(7) and Pexec(104). You can implement
this yourself inside your program, but you have to make sure that the
AES/VDI arrays for all the processes your program creates are separated.
Otherwise you'll run into problems once you try to do appl_init() inside the

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