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Re: [MiNT] Multi-threading on MiNT OS ?


>>>> tfork() creates a child process which runs concurrently with the
>>>> parent and shares all the memory with the parent.
>>> Except the stack ;-)
>> Indeed. And basepage.
> So, do I need to define a stack for the process myself?

No, the function does it on its own, IIRC. Of course you have to define the
stack when you try to implement the function on your own. See mintlib

> And my last question: it's compatible with MagiC? I know that it's
> true for the Pfork() function, but what about tfork()?

tfork() isn't a system function. tfork() is a MiNTLib function that uses
system functions like Pexec() and Mshrink() to perform. As long as MagiC
implements these, it is compatible.

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz, http://draco.atari.org

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