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Re: [MiNT] newline problem

Hello Martin,

Selon Martin Tarenskeen <m.tarenskeen@zonnet.nl>:
> When I compile a commandline program using gcc I can use the program and
> read it's text output perfectly in my TosWin2 windows when running MiNT.
> But if I use it as a TTP program under plain TOS, the text output becomes
> unreadable because of the unixoide CR without LF. What should I do to make
> such an app usable under plain TOS ?

Partice Mandin already wrote a patch that solves this bug. You can find it 
here : http://membres.lycos.fr/pmandin/index.php?page=patch-libs#mintlib .

It sets STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR in text mode instead of raw mode.

This patch was already discussed here, but I must admit I didn't understand why 
it was not committed in CVS. Frank, is there a problem with it ?

Best regards,