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[MiNT] Got Apache/ModSSL/PHP working under MiNT....

I guess it is really not a big thing, but I have been able to get the
following compiled and working with little or no changes.....

Apache 1.3.28 (patched with the MiNT 1.3.22 patch, and then fixed the
rejected patch, latest 1.3 release)

OpenSSL 0.9.6k (latest secure (bug fixed) release patched with the mint
patch, and then fixed the rejected patch)

PHP 4.3.4RC1 (Compiles clean except for a problem with installation which
causes MiNT to freeze totally, fixed some command line arguments, and it
works, or seems to work fine, very little testing done, latest release in
the 4.3 series)

ModSSL 2.8.15 (Cleanly patches Apache and works, latest release)

Here is a demo for the interested:

Shows PHP is running (My Falcon is connected to a Linux Box VIA 115k PPP,
hence the port forwarding).

And here is the secure server, which REALLY puts a load on the machine
when accessed.

The machines config:  Atari Falcon with 14 megs of RAM plus CT60 with 128
Megs of RAM (unmodified).

I also have tin (the news reader) compiled and running, but it does not
seem to run well yet, VERY slow, not sure what its problem is yet.  It has
problems when connecting to the News Server initially.  Have an EtherNEC
card on the way soon, so I might soon learn it is my PPP gateway if it
behaves better with it.

Also have been messing with MySQL as well, but it has issues with the
pthreads library for some reason.

Any interest in the above?  I'm really just messing around, not much of a
programmer though, more of a network guy.