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[MiNT] Tin 1.6.2 RPM available


I also posted the patches for Apache and OpenSSL, along with the OpenSSL

No changes were made to the source, although I encountered a problem with
'install' when in the make install process, which the SRPM fixes.

When /usr/bin/install is run with an option to strip, it reports that it
can not find strip.  So, to fix that, I have a symlink created in the
current working directory to the strip binary, and that fixes the problem.

Anyway, I recommend running Tin with the '-Q' option, as it takes FOREVER
to get the newsgroups, at least for me, when run without it.

As per my last post, I am new to this whole RPM thing, so let me know if
anything is wrong with them.  If all is well with them, post them at the
sparemint site for all to use.