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Re: [MiNT] 030-version of gcc

I realize that little 68000 machines are becoming rare, but I have one and I must shoehorn anything iIimport with a 720 disk. I have lots of harddrive, but the only port into the machine is the 720 disk. so I must reshape the compiler ( or anyghing else) and try to make it work. I know that Frank and others made the GCC compiler 68000 compliant. I have never been able to get gcc working from 1.41 to the present. The information I get does not help. I have a working 68k cross compiler (2.8.0) that can compile and link. 2.95 cross compiler could not link anything. :( I even have a windows version of GCC 2.9.5 , and it seems to work. I will try to put it into the shell and see if I can use it as GCC. under windows.)

I still dont have a compatible libray set to link againt. None of the versions seem to work.I get errors due to wrong format. I need a 2.80 compatible libary
or the sources to the library so I can compile it.


Matthias Alles wrote:


with the help of Frank I compiled a 030-optimized version of the gcc.
You can get it here:


The archive contains the cc1 and the cpp0. You just have to exchange these two with the ones in


The speed advantage is a bit more than 5%, so it´s not that much, but better than nothing..

Have fun,