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[MiNT] Uploaded S-Lang 1.4.9 Lib and PTH 2.0.0 to AtariForge.....

Built and tested both packages, and they work fine.

Also, I have built RPMs for Jed and rgrep, except Jed does not work right
on the console or Xterm, but fine when telneted into the Falcon.  The same
is true with the text based Web Browser Links.  I can also upload the
current Jed RPMs if there is interest, and I can put together a Links RPM
as well if one is wanted.

Jed's issue is the key mappings....  I might be able to sort it out.
Links issue is that it is using ANSI I believe for Display, not much I can
do with it.

Let me know, and I can just post the RPMs in my webspace, or upload them
to AtariForge if it is worth them being posted.