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Re: [MiNT] Toswin2 Bugs

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003, Mark Duckworth wrote:

> I'd like to volunteer to attempt to fix toswin2 bugs, but I am having
> trouble attempting to identify any.  All the files in CVS are 2 years
> old or greater.  Is there a current list of what bugs need fixed?  I use
> 2.7 with no problems ;-)  - except under n.aes if you don't move the
> mouse a long time toswin2 windows stop updating.  Don't know about other
> aes's.

One problem I know in Toswin 2.7: The colors aren't right with programs
that use colors. For example Lynx and Mutt. A program like pine doesn't
work in color mode with Toswin 2.6 either. Would be nice if color support
could be improved.


Martin Tarenskeen