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[MiNT] general complaint/what the heck

I started MiNT, 1.15.12, xaaes, teradesk, toswin, to at least
think about compiling something. Toswin window, bash, look at
file structure for where gcc might want its files. Pico, to make
up a hello.c file, to make sure that gcc was installed. gcc
hello.c worked. Read man gcc and info gcc, to see where the
default paths were. Quit toswin to move some files to where they
belong. Restart toswin window intending to look at man make, to
see if make could do a make file faster than me, and bash caused
a bus error, and after that shutdown did not work, file not

After that my u drive had many errors, and when those were fixed,
was missing many files, including hello.c, hello.tos, and all the
.c and .h files I had put where they belonged. EasyMiNT
installer got bus errors from RPM, and could not find makefile.
This happened several times.  GEMAR tried to put files back, and
MiNT directed them to the root of u, not to the structure they
belonged in.

What seems to have resulted in the ability to reload most, but
not all, yet, of the files I used to have, was a very cold boot,
by turning my TT030 off for about 15 minutes, and starting
EasyMiNT installer from its beginning.

All through this, TOS worked fine. Any guesses as to what
happened? xaaes is 963, I think, Teradesk is the latest, toswin
is 2.6.


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