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[MiNT] compiling ppp


I am asking for advice, because somebody has done this before.

My problem is that I can connect to my dialup host with StiNG
but not with MiNT ppp.

As I understand the situation, ppp 2.3.11, and all earlier
versions, equate header 21 with PPP. ppp 2.3.14 equates header 21
with IP.

I do not know if I am trying to communicate with 2.3.14 with
2.3.11, or trying to communicate with 2.3.11 with 2.3.14, since
the 2.3.11 source code, from the sparement homepage, seems to, in
at least one place, equate header 21 with IP.

So, my plan was to compile the source code, see how it worked,
and change it until it did work.

Since I only wanted the pppd program, I tried compiling using the
MiNT-Patch file for 2.3.11 as a make file, since it looks a lot
like a make file.

That produced an almost immediate halt, with ld complaining.

I have worked my way out of program messes before, compiling
and changing individual .c files until they produced no
errors.  And, I could take the code in the patch file, and put
it where it should be, but that is a lot of unnecessary work.

So, what should my command line look like? What file should I
compile? gcc what?


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