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Re: [MiNT] General complaint - Jim DeClercq

CaTTarman: Mine is long gone. Wish I could find it again, because
now I know how to get it to work. It was after I pulled it out
that somebody posted a note in an Atari group about his fixing of
his problem. What he did was talk to a salesman for Motorola
Germany, who got him a MMU that had been tested at 60 MHz, and
that made his Cattarman work. A manufacturer does not make, for
example, 60 MHz chips, they do, or did, sort out the ones that
went that fast, and use the others for slower speed applications.
But if you buy a lot of them from the end of the line, you will
get some slow and some fast. All of them will work at the speed
requested, and some of them will clock faster.

My TT works fin under mint some of the time, and has been
running single TOS with no problems for about 10 years. I do not
see any hardware errors. But when I run MiNT, which sometimes
works fine, I see the strangest errors from programs that
otherwise work, even when loading only a kernel and GemarFix.

I have been asked for a password file to run Toswin. N_AES has
told me its Thing is for another AES version. I have rebooted
three times, and was informed I had a damaged drive twice, along
with bus errors on not finding sh, fscheck.sh, init, and a few
other things, and the third time, no problems, clean drive.

That produced the impossible combination of a working u: drive,
while the physical drive showed no contents, clicking on that
drive in n_aes.

That was until I decided to do a tape backup, and watched my
screen fill with notices that a block had already been freed, by
something for something, and Gemar found some very strange path
names, such as k:/bin/bin/bin/bin/*./bin/bin/bin/filename.

So much for that idea.

Then, for the heck of it, I restarted the easymint installer, and
saw a TOS -46 (no such drive) error just after an ext2 partition
had been installed ont that drive, and after than, easymint's RPM
gave a bus error each time it tried to unpack a file.

TOS, meanwhile, works fine. This is STiNG and Telstar.

I am just about to get a fresh kernal, and try again. When MiNT
works, I like it. Something simple is wrong, and eventually I
will find it.

My only complaint is that I have not learned anything useful yet.


On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Mark Duckworth wrote:

> Jim,
> In regards to your recent post, note that I had tons of problems with my
> CaTTarman and had to remove it.  Now my TT works fine under MiNT.  Might
> want to consider the same.
> Also I have one TT that is extremely crashy under MiNT and MagiC and
> another that is rock solid under both.  Do you have any other stability
> issues?
> Thanks,
> Mark
> PS: Bus errors and the like sound more like a hardware issue, especially
> on a default easymint install which is known to work on TT's (mine ;-))