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[MiNT] Possible progress, Seagate ST32550w

Assuming that board-edge input devices are usually logic low
true, and that excess capacitance delays the input from reaching
logic high false in between true states, what can be done is to
install termination, to help the inputs go false, and in the case
of a hard drive, to connect its termpower to other sources of
termpower, for the lowest impedance source of pullup power.

That is what I did, and it seems that MiNT is going to work,
finally, and stay working long enough to do something with it.

At least it loaded EasyMiNT OK, and did a tape backup, and
rebooted several times without fsck complaining about bad

The only problem so far is that NVDI complains about a lack of
memory, and refuses to run.

Now, will someone please tell me where this group is archived?

I did get pppd to dial once, but it was a matter of order and
switches, and I did not keep a copy of what I did, but did post
what I did, and would like to find it again.


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