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[MiNT] NVDI compatibility

Hi All!

This is a bit off-topic... I know.

I've been trying to help my friend to run Highwire on TT+ImagineGfx where
I met some problems with Imagine gfx card and I don't really know how the
newer NOVA VDI behaves.

I know about 2 widely used VDI functions that are not present in all VDI
implementations in use (vq_scrninfo() and vqt_xfntinfo()). It is also used
in the xg (X server for GEM)...

The real solution is to use some more suitable VDI for that. But that
would require to write the native driver for those cards which might not
be that straightforward. ;)

Is there a will to write an emulation layer for these (and possibly other
VDI functions) so that they would return valid results on the mentioned
cards and VDI implementations? Or should we support also non NVDI
implementations within our applications and therefore add such
emulation layer/fallback to an old VDI which might not provide enough

best regards