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Re: [MiNT] Shutdown() discussion

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Petr Stehlik wrote:

> V Èt, 11. 12. 2003 v 22:42, Lonny Pursell pí¹e:
> > If aranym is going to suffer a performance hit to do something a legal
> > way, then that is a problem with aranym.
> Good point.
> > Or do you intend to write TSR hacks to handle this as well for non-mint
> > users?  You leave magic hanging out to dry and you will have even more
> > people not impressed.  If I use these call I will effectively force someone
> > to a TSR?
> Another good point.
> > Can someone also give real figures on how many people even need this?
> > So far I estimate 3.
> Actually I don't know about anybody that would need this. It may be
> needed one day when FreeMiNT with virtualized memory is released but
> until then there is no real need.
> > I guess what I'm asking is there even significant demand to bother
> > with this in the first place.
> There is not. But it was nice to see the MiNT list alive again, wasn't
> it? :-)
> I'll move with some technical details back to ARAnyM or EmuTOS lists
> since I don't feel like bothering MiNT list readers anymore.

 So, whatcha gonna do? Leave constructive discussion and split off the
CVS? You dont wanna bother us, just because we're trying to keep FreeMiNT
as clean as possible? Is a special Linux kernel needed to run on the
all-so-great VirtualMachine environments I've been hearing about? A
special version of Windows must be had to make it usable under
VirtualMachine? If not, fix ARAnyM, NOT FreeMINT. And if you flee now, I
will forever consider you a great big coward :)


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