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Re: [MiNT] MiNT, CT60 and power off

> Yestrday I try the latest kernel from cvs, with swaped Shutdown()
> mods 0 and
> 3. On CT60 it realy power off machine, but at next start fsck check
> the disks. So it looks like machine turn off, before disk caches and
> maybe other things, are written to the disk.

You know, the shutdown() function does exactly the same stuff for all the
four modes, except for the very end, where it f.e. shuts down the power
using a dedicated hardware register (like on CT060), or makes a reboot. When
it comes to this point, all the MiNT already has been shutdown, the disks
have been synced and unmounted etc.

So regarding sync() and "maybe other things", there is no difference between
reboot, halt and power off. If you experience problems with poweroff, but
you don't experience problems with rebooting, then it certainly is not
related to the sync() function or unmounting the disks.

Moreover, on Aranym (which in this point only differs in the exact method of
doing the "power off" operation itself) I use the halt-power off function
several times a day and it *always* unmounts everything properly.

So if there is a problem, it seems rather related to the hardware, than to
MiNT. Did it occur once, or you experience it all the time, by the way?

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz, http://draco.atari.org

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