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Re: [MiNT] XaAES shutdown actually reboots

Hi Petr,

Selon Petr Stehlik <joy@sophics.cz>:
> I thought that XaAES's Halt function would call MiNT's shutdown but it
> doesn't seem so. At least on yesterday released AFROS the XaAES Halt
> function reboots the system (and it's weird - it waits for a two or
> three seconds when one thinks it's halted and then it suddenly reboots).


Here, with afros-20040107 and your 0.8.5beta Windows binary, if I quit 
TeraDesk, then choose "Process/Quit all App" from the menu, kill ST-Guide 
(using the skull icon), and then click "Halt", ARAnyM exits gracefully.