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Re: [MiNT] XaAES trouble

>The unofficial XaAES page (Gokmase) isnt updates since july 2003.
>This is not good.

That is true. For a while, there were little or no progress to XaAES, which is 
one reason why no updated binaries made it there. Lately there *have* been quite a
few significant changes though.  I have been in contact with some coders recently, 
about getting updated binaries (I am not a C-coder, so can't build XaAES).

>It is a mistake to expect users to compile software themselves.
>Most of them are not programmers.

100% agreed.
If we don't allow user to be "only" a user, then there is something
wrong with the platform IMO.

>It is a very big mistake to expect non programmers to compile.

100% agreed

This was (of course) also the reason why I initiated the unofficial XaAES page.

I recently had a severe HD crash (all data lost), but I hope to be able to breathe some new life in the XaAES
page once I am back on track again.