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[MiNT] XaAES palette colour handling

Hi Odd!

Regarding your commit: 2004-01-22 Thursday 18:37  ozk

   * xaaes/src/xa_rsrc.c (1.7):

        Fixed idiotic color handling in LoadResources.  The first 16 VDI
        pens are not to be changed on an application basis! Also there is
        no guarantee that the RSC file contains a valid RGB palette for
        pens above the first 16.

Few notes:

 * .RSC contains definitely _complete_ palette of colors!
   If not then we should check that by the maximum number of colors used
   in CICON blocks (which I actually did, but didn't commit because it
   come out as not needed since once they are not really used by the icons
   and so may be of any value) but definitely not by checking for 0
   values of RGB like you did.

 * The first 16 pen colors are also present definitely. Perhaps you didn't
   update the widget.rsc (or possibly fix by e.g. Interface to contain
   valid palette - I fixed only the default one as I don't use any
   other). Remember that these pens are set to a newly created
   virtual workstation and so they are only applied to CICON color
   handling lower where they _may_ be used with any RGB values set

Why did you touch this piece of code? Because it doesn't work with your
oVDI I suppose. Hmm, I also needed to change many things in the ARAnyM
fVDI driver for that. Please read that code again and try to understand
that. I must have changed the driver color handling completely for this I
must say....

And finally: "idiotic" seems to me like too strong statement especially
when you comited the changes I'm speaking about... Please avoid using such
words in comments as they may be understood as offensive.