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Re: [MiNT] XaAES palette colour handling


On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Johan Klockars wrote:

> > > I had only a single palette and the fVDI driver interface was getting the
> > > pen number, but I didn't have access to the fVDI's palette there. So I
> I remember that the ARAnyM driver palette handling used to be very wrong.
> Did you add support for negative palette indices too now?


The NF API is now taking just the HW color values. All palette lookup is
done in the m68k part which is actually taken from the rage driver or so

> >  Oh. Well, yes, in oVDI the driver have access to all color information
> The fVDI engine does not keep track of the palette at all, except for
> allocating space for it. The rest of the job is left to the drivers.

This is actualy true. ;) The palette lookup is left to the driver, however
it seems that it is the same code all across all drivers.

> I think the only driver function that still needs to access anything
> more from the virtual workstation is accelerated text drawing.

Well, logical operation for blitting or for something is not passed
directly IIRC.

> The remaining dependencies on the virtual workstation structure will
> likely be removed soon, and probably the ones on the physical one too.

When?!? Johan, when?
You didn't do anything on fVDI for about a year. This is real shame for
all of us using that.

> It's definitely nicer if the drivers can be used without any need for
> a VDI infra-structure.

Yes, I'm actually using the NF driver for e.g. Calamus driver to let
Calamus run. ;)