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Re: [MiNT] MiNT on TT

Hi Mark!

> Standa - and others,
> Just read your post on your site

Nice to see someone is even reading that ;)

> about MiNT 1.16 not working on TT.  It
> works perfectly for me on two different TT's.  I've never had any
> troubles, of course my TT's are rock solid machines.  Just thought you
> guys might like to know.

Thanks for the note. :)

> I think it's sad there's only 3 people interested in VM and DL.  How
> many high powered atari's have been sold?

I had a bad time at the time of writing those lines, but it is like that
in general IMSO (sad opinion).

> I want to be useful to the effort, but learning to code at such a low
> level seems to take years to learn with time I don't necessarily have a
> lot of.

It is not about the effort, but about the comunity. It is too small and
therefore not really the power to make all the needed changes. If ever
they would be used by really really few people.

> Anyway, not here to complain.  I'm happy for the work of FNA, Guido,
> drao and others, and I just want to say Freemint works perfect on my TT.

In the page I was referring to the state we got into among my friends.
They are still having problems with 1.16 on TTs, AES, etc... No will to
fix that just because there is not enough people that would be able to
reconstruct the same behaviour that would finaly be able to find out the

Anyway, I use ARAnyM and I'm happy - when I'm lucky. ;)