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Re: [MiNT] Cross-compiler

Philipp Donzé <philipp.donze@epfl.ch> writes:

> Can anyone explain me what are all the directories for?
> Why is there in the m68k-atari-mint/bin/ folder the same program as in
> bin/ but the name has no "m68k-atari-mint" prefix?

Probably just for convenience.

> If I want to install/compile an atari library for use with my cross
> compiler, do I have to put the include and lib files in include/ and lib/
> folder or into m68k-atari-mint/lib and  m68k-atari-mint/include folder?

You should probably use the new sysroot feature of GCC.  That way you
don't need to change the native layout at all, you just have to mirror it
under the sysroot.


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