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[MiNT] AES editable field extension proposal (was: Re: [WinDom] Windom Password)

Hi list,

Some AES formular may be used to enter login and password. When we type some characters in the "password" field, this field must display "****" (a star per character typed) instead of the clear password typed.

ATM, that kind of OBJECT doesn't exist.

I suggest to extend the te_pvalid field of editable objects. The characters in te_pvalid have the following meaning:

9 Digits 0-9 	
A Uppercase letters A-Z plus space 	
a Upper and lowercase letters plus space 	
N Digits 0-9, uppercase letters A-Z, and space 	
n Digits 0-9, upper and lowercase letters A-Z, and space 	
F Valid GEMDOS filename characters plus question mark and asterisk 	
P Valid GEMDOS pathname characters plus backslash, colon, question mark, and asterisk
p Valid GEMDOS pathname characters plus backslash and colon 	
X All characters

I suggest to add the "*" character for password. For the validing point of view, "*" is equivalent to "X" (all characters are allowed), but the object display a star instead of the real character.

Any comment ? Any other suggestion ?

best regards,

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From: Arnaud BERCEGEAY <arnaud.bercegeay@free.fr>
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Subject: Re: [WinDom] Windom Password
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 20:19:06 +0200


I was wondering what the best way would be to mask a password in a
normal edit field.

At the moment, i don't know any...

I see 2 options:
- implement this feature in all still supported AES (XaAES, MyAES, others?)
- implement this as a userdef object in windom.

In both cases, we have to agree on an extention of the OBJECT definition. Then, windom could transform such OBJECT to userdef object with the password feature if the running AES doesn't support the password feature.

follow up to mint mailing list...

best regards,