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Re: [MiNT] OT: Someone at tpnet has a virus

On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Odd Skancke wrote:

>  I just had a large amount of the same virusmails as well, and most of
> them (but not all) are from Atari-dudes I know. So this is probably an
> Atarian with me and many other Atari-dudes in his addressbook.

If you look at the headers, you'll probably see them all originating from
the same tpnet host. :o)

> Atari user with a email-virus problem? Doesnt ryhme here :)

Unfortunately a lot of Atari users use Windoze for mailing.. well and this
is what you get. ;)

Maurits (running remote Pine/linux on a MiNT TT) :o)