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[MiNT] vlogin


I'm working on graphical login for MiNT, currently its quite usable but
there are several issues I want to solve befor releasing it to public.

1. I'm using "moose.xdd", but there was some changes recently and I don't
know what will be used in future and what will be abandoned. So my question
is: what will be used for mouse moose.xdd, .adi or both?

2. Currently there is execl() used to start shell/aes, but vlogin then stay
waiting in memory for child proces quit. Is it correct or should be parent
proces (vlogin) replaced by child proces (to avoid respawning login by

3. I tried to implement loading of xaaes.km in vlogin by ssystem() call, but
xaaes.km crash short after start with bus error, while starting it by
load.prg works flawless.
This test was done on freemint yestrday evening cvs version.

4. There is problem with v_clswk() and fvdi, after this call aes is unable
to call v_opnwk() succesfully.
Is it posible to left fyzical workstation opened for fvdi and force aes
somehow to call v_opnvwk() only?

Best regards, Gildor

p.s. For these eager to try vlogin, download it from its cvs: the same
cvsroot as for mint and checkout value is "vlogin".
p.p.s. vlogin need moose files from freemint to compile, and moose.xdd int