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[MiNT] mint & serial mouse


I joined to this list since it's probably a last chance to find a solution
to my problem, for me, as beginner in mint.. For about one year i'm using pc
serial mouse instead of atari one, it works very well, even stuff like wheel
in qed etc, but only under TOS and MagiC.. under Mint is my mouse "dead"..
i've tried two drivers for that mouse and nothing.. so my question is,
doesn't mint modify somehow functions that access serial port? or something
like that? I really can't find any explanation, why this happen. If you have
some idea, how to fix it, i would be happy. (try to use AES without mouse

Thanks for any answer.


MiKRO         Atari XE/XL/Mega STE/Falcon060         http://mikro.atari.org